Local Food Northland – Progress Report


Ideas from our stakeholder meeting

Further to the Relocalising our Food Project, on 21st October we gathered a group of business and community leaders at the Whangarei Library to talk about the process from here. Some great ideas emerged including:

  • Potentially working in to supply increase the supply of local food to institutions like the hospitals, restaurants etc and what sort of infrastructure would be required
  • Ideas around enhancing access to fresh local food in Whangarei via the Tikipunga market and potentially a mobile food truck for those without access to markets
  • Enthusiasm over establishing a local directory/software portal
  • Local food demonstrations at the Saturday Whangarei Growers Market (these are starting on 5th December)
  • R & D work for new foods that can be grown locally taking local food and preparing/processing local food in new ways
  • Collaboration with CBEC over bringing local food content into their current work in schools
  • Potential for working with local health providers to deliver food education – growing, preparing and serving – with families caught in poverty and poor health/obesity
  • The potential for appropriate connections to local government through the enthusiastic representatives of WDC and FNDC who attended

We have set up a website called localfoodnorthland.org to promote these ideas.

Since the meeting we have done considerable work on addressing the next steps around developing a governance structure and structure for tax free donations (we have a Trust Deed prepared ready to set up a Charitable trust), creating a business plan to enable partnering organisations to see exactly how their resources are proposed to be used, and defining the specific projects, objectives and rolls required to accomplish our mission.

This business plan will be available for public scrutiny shortly. Thanks so much to those who have contributed to this process – collaborative project development works! If you would like to help with this or any aspect of the project please contact us. Jeff, Peter, Sean and myself have been the main instigators so far but thanks too to Bindy, Lisa, Anne, Sylvia, Ross and others for their assistance, suggestions and editing work.

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4 thoughts on “Local Food Northland – Progress Report

  1. Lesley A'Court

    Presumably the meeting above was really with people interested in the Food Council spoken of earlier.
    I would very much enjoy being part of that meeting another time.
    I run the strawberry business but during the week can be available for any meetings,
    I have recently retired from teaching so could assist with my present knowledge of schools within the North, and being involved with the Hort industry may be of help in that direction.

    1. Clive Post author

      Hi Lesley – yes we are planning to have a Food Council meeting in Whangarei before too long. We’ve had meetings with key people in Kerikeri and Kaitaia over the last few weeks so looking to do more in Whangarei, Kaipara and Mangawhai areas shortly. Will keep you informed :) – Clive

  2. George Lavich

    Hi Clive,

    Were are you with the Food council meetings.

    I would also like to be involve in any local meetings.

    Also could you please sign me up for the Food Forest Gardening and Food Distribution channels.



    1. Clive Post author

      Hi George,
      Things have been on hold a bit over the holidays, and with the food conference coming up but we are keen to start gathering a wider group in Whangarei and will let you know when. I’ll add you onto those slack channels. There hasn’t been much use of them for a while – maybe you can encourage others to use if it seems like it could be useful? I’ve been busy with other stuff – you know how it goes :)


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