This site was conceived by Clive and Sylvia McKegg, and is curated by Clive. Clive and Sylvia are based in Whangarei NZ, but also have family land in the Far North (Mangonui) and lived in the Far North for many years. They both have a passion for seeing Northland and it’s people flourish.

Clive and Sylvia planting treeClive grew up in Whangarei and has worked most of his life in Northland in Chartered Accounting roles; as auditor and adviser to charities and small businesses; in various community development/pastoral roles and currently as director of a NZ -wide software company. He is qualified in Chartered Accounting and has a Graduate Diploma in Theology.  He also blogs on theology, culture and community at Desert Watch.

Sylvia grew up in the Far North and is a youth drug and alcohol counselor with a background in Kindergarten teaching, home-schooling, youth work and pastoral work. She has qualifications in Education, Counseling and Addiction Studies.

Together they try to make soil, grow food, experiment with linen flax and share stories about localisation at https://www.facebook.com/localiseNZ. They are supported by their friends at The HUB – a faith community based in Whangarei.  They have two grown children.

Want to help?

All our work in Localise is done by volunteers – and we welcome you to join and help with these projects – but obviously for many of these ideas to flourish money is probably going to be necessary! If you love what we are doing and are able to contribute financially to one or all of the projects above, you are most welcome to do so. Localise operates legally under The HUB Whangarei Trust, so donations to assist these projects qualify for IRD donation status. The HUB Trust Deed includes in it’s objects:

  1. To facilitate and encourage concern for the relational, social, economic, psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the community
  2. To assist others engaged in charitable work in the community, both financially and non-financially
  3. To provide such assistance primarily in Whangarei and Northland communities

The bank account for donations is The HUB Whangarei – Spoke Account 38 9012 0853044 02 – please include your name and the project you are supporting, or contact us if you have creative ideas for moving these projects forward.

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  1. Tim King

    Hi – I’m trying to get in touch with Gael Ferguson (Dr, ex strategic planner, etc etc). We lost track of her once she left KCDC. Have found a reference to her as an associate of Localise. Here? What you’re about is certainly her field. If you do have contact, can you ask her to get in touch with us? We have an initiative going here – a not-for-profit arm of Common Ground that has a lot to do with her Otaki project in Kapiti.

    As for Localise itself, we’ll be in touch with you guys soon anyway. Just have to get the framework up and running 1st.

    Thanks: Tim


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