Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga

We really care about seeing Northland gain back a sense of self-determination and strength.

We don’t want to be continually reliant on begging some corporation to come in and “invest” in us – giving us all low-wage jobs because we are so desperate and helpless. Where is the dignity in that? We want to see communities like ours rise up and realise we are richly resourced with creativity, people, and natural resources.  These resources are not for exporting as raw materials to develop the wealth of other places but they are our heritage – to develop first and foremost for our community and then share our treasures with our visitors and other communities – so we are not “welfare” dependant in any form. We will do this through businesses that are owned by local people so the benefit flows back to enhance the community, not to some headquarters in New York or Dubai.

To do this our goal is to provide information and tools along the following lines:

  • Links to current sustainable locally based businesses and services
  • Research around opportunities to develop locally owned enterprises
  • Identifying opportunities for import substitution
  • Identifying opportunities for development of our current exported raw materials into finished goods
  • Identifying new technologies that assist with de-centralisation and re-invigoration of small communities
  • Thinking through how these would effect us in terms of energy requirements, transport, infrastructure, community redevelopment etc
  • Assisting people with ideas in terms of local sustainable job-creation to bring these to fruition
  • Linking people into collaborative networks
  • Lowering the barriers to social enterprise, small-business and micro-enterprise start-up through innovative tools and assistance
  • Providing information to the public about how and where they can buy locally produced goods and services
  • A portal for people to share their ideas, both on-line and through gatherings

These things take time… But please contact us if you have something you would like to share on the site – an event, an idea, a link.

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