Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga

We are committed to:

  1. The principles and spirit of the Treaty of Waitangi recognising Maori as Tangata Whenua and the need for restitution for injustices committed in our nation as essential to community well-being
  2. Local production as far as possible
  3. Using appropriate technology that enhances community and environment
  4. Reducing reliance on government support
  5. Micro-enterprise to provide local work opportunities
  6. Mentoring and apprenticing models for basic skills development (rebalancing the focus on institutional education)
  7. Organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices
  8. Diversity of production (mixed rather than mono-culture)
  9. Local processing of primary products into finished products
  10. Production primarily for local consumption for benefit of local people with export being secondary goal
  11. Reducing reliance on transportation through local employment and production
  12. Co-operative ventures and resource-sharing
  13. Networking of ideas and information
  14. Fixing rather than discarding
  15. Recycling and better yet creating quality products without wasteful packaging and toxic bi-products
  16. Local low-impact sustainable energy production
  17. Maintaining natural balances in the environment – wetlands, bush, reserves, native flora and fauna
  18. Nurturing smaller centres to avoid unhealthy urbanisation
  19. Revitalisation of smaller communities, schools, shops, community activities
  20. Recovering a value-based spiritual centre to our communities rather than our consumer-driven commodification of life
  21. Providing a future and a hope for our young people and future generations
  22. Re-visioning expectations away from quick-fix schemes to long-term societal well being

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