Why Localisation?

Localisation “…does not mean walling off the outside world. It means nurturing locally owned businesses which use local resources sustainably, employ local workers at decent wages and serve primarily local consumers. It means becoming more self-sufficient, and less dependant on imports. Control moves from the boardrooms of distant corporations and back to the community where it belongs.” (Michael Shuman – The Small-Mart Revolution)

Localise is about encouraging a fresh vision for society. We believe that there are a number a failed experiments currently running their course in our society – all based around the concept of massive scale globalised industrialisation. This is obviously something that is not going to change easily, but as it is unsustainable and quickly unravelling we want to explore new ways of doing community and economics based more on human pace and human scale.

Our vision is to encourage re-establishment of local business, social enterprise and micro-enterprise so that as a community –  as far as possible –  we become self-determining and provide satisfying valuable work for our people and future generations.

We want Aotearoa – New Zealand to be a nation of justice, dignity and respect where people in communities care for each-other’s well-being; where we do not consider success to be attained until everyone in our community is compassionately cared for, and has found a way to appropriately contribute. We also want to see our waterways, soil, air and forests rescued from destructive practices so we can leave our world a better place for our children and grand-children.

If we do nothing the suffering in our communities can only get worse. Unemployment, violence, addictions and hopelessness will only grow and government efforts will be clumsy at best and counterproductive at worst. But we can do a lot.

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