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Localise Northland Networking Portal (Slack App)

As part of the process of setting up online systems for collaboration between Northland individuals, businesses, non-profits and social enterprises to advance the causes of community resilience, moving to a sustainable future, changing to eco-friendly energy usage, using organic-based raw materials etc, we have initially created an online portal for discussion between interested parties.

To do this we have utilised an online tool called Slack which was created as a messaging application for teams working on overlapping projects. Our Slack site is called and already there are “channels” (pages for discussion and communication) set up for local currency, food production, energy, forest gardening, permaculture, housing, software, the food co-op and more.  

You may join and contribute to whichever channels interest you or create new channels and you will be notified of activity on those channels. To keep the discussion focussed and to avoid spam this is a by-invitation group, but we wish to also make it widespread for maximum engagement. If you or those you know would may like to be added to the group send email details to Clive at and he will send out an invitation.

The site is unmoderated in the sense that all messages are added and visible in real time, with latest messages in each channel on top. Normal rules for online etiquette apply and we do reserve the right to remove anyone obviously not abiding by the spirit of the site. We hope this will be a great tool to get like-minded people talking together and making great impact for good in Northland.