Questions to Consider

What can we identify that will become necessary to produce locally if transport costs become prohibitive?

  • Food
  • Energy
  • Clothing
  • Engineered/manufactured products
  • ?

What can we identify that we currently produce that is becoming uneconomical to ship/export in bulk as raw materials that we can instead process to much smaller (and more valuable) finished goods?

  • Timber – process to paper, furniture, fabric, utensils, buildings, prefab structures
  • Dairy products – to cheeses, butter
  • Meat – cuts rather than whole carcasses
  • Wool – finished garments
  • ?

What necessities can we identify that we no longer produce locally, and that would create serious hardship were we no longer able to import from outside our local community – and if produced locally what could they add in terms of diverse culture – local wellbeing, local creativity, local expression and use of local materials?

  • Clothing
  • Energy
  • ?

What has technology made possible to create on a local scale that previously was centralised/imported – and what would be the spin-off’s in terms of local jobs, recovery of a full range of skills, retention of young people in communities?

  • Local dairy factories – processing through to finished goods
  • Small-scale local power production – solar, wind, tidal, waste, biofuel
  • ?

What outcomes can we expect from local production?

  • Healthy lifestyle/ natural products without the need for unhealthy industrialised practices
  • Social capital – compassionate communities that have a shared identity and care for their disempowered
  • Social cohesion – bringing hope, reduction in harm, safe communities (a community that feels good about itself doesn’t need to indulge in self-medicating addictions – gambling, binge drinking, rampant consumerism, drug abuse)
  • Environmental diversity, move away from reliance in GE, industrialised agricultural practices
  • Better results from personal involvement and investment in work
  • Reduction in vulnerability to international economy and to potential loss of sovereignty through economic collapse
  • A more natural, just and sustainable wealth distribution
  • ?

What new business/funding structures might we need to develop or rediscover?

  • Co-ops – joint production facilities, jointly owned and shared profits, profits held locally
  • Development of micro-businesses with standard compliance templates to reduce barriers to start-ups
  • New forms of community investment/ diverting funds from investment in conventional stock market/banking into local initiatives
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